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Wills & Bequests

Why make a Will?

A legal Will can give you peace of mind knowing that your final wishes are being met and loved ones are taken care of after you have gone. It also gives you the opportunity to make a meaningful gift to your favourite charities, and ensure that their good works continue making a difference into the future.

The benefits of making a charitable gift through your Will

Making a bequest in your Will is a wonderful opportunity to support a charity which is near to your heart, without giving up assets during your lifetime. It gives you the choice of how you would like help those charities which you believe in. A gift in your Will can also have significant tax savings for your estate. When you make a gift through your Will a charitable tax receipt is issued to your estate which can help to reduce or eliminate your taxes.

Types of gifts through your Will

Choosing the type of bequest that is best for you is an important decision when considering making a gift. Here are different ways you can make a bequest in your Will:

  • A specific bequest is a gift of specified cash or piece of property.
  • A residual bequest is a gift of all or part of the residue of your estate after all specific bequests and expenses have been paid out of your estate.
  • A contingent bequest is a gift that will pass to the charity in the event that your beneficiary or beneficiaries should predecease you.

Making a gift to the Delta Hospital Foundation through your Will

Depending on the type of bequest you would like to make, here are a few examples of possible wordings:

I give to Delta Hospital Foundation, 5800 Mountain View Blvd, Delta BC …

  • the sum of $______________ OR
  • my property known as _____________(specific property) OR
  • _______ % of the residue of my estate OR
  • the residue of my estate

You can also choose to designate your gift for a particular purpose. However, it is important to confirm with the Delta Hospital Foundation first to find out if the specific designation purpose can be met.

I give to Delta Hospital Foundation, 5800 Mountain View Blvd, Delta BC (specific sum or property, a portion or all of the residue of your estate) to be used for _______________ .


Click here to view a printable information sheet about making a charitable gift in your will.

We strongly encourage you to discuss your charitable intentions with loved ones and to always seek legal and financial advice when making a gift in your Will.

For more information on how you can leave a gift in your will, please contact:

Lisa Hoglund
Executive Director